About me

Frank Kamper


Before I founded FM Design and Engineering I have tried myself in as many industries as possible. I have designed and produced decoration and signage for casino interiors, invented new packaging methods, I have worked on trains, gas turbines, police cars, installations in the food industry etc… 


Until 2018 I have been working for approximately 10 years in the aviation industry both in the avionic and mechanical fields. 

I hold a Part-66 B1/B2 aircraft maintenance licence and have certification privileges on the Dornier 228-212 special mission aircraft (Netherlands Coast Guard). I am specialized on the aircraft's onboard observation equipment. In various maintenance projects I led a group of engineers and mechanics in the Netherlands and abroad.


In many of my jobs and assignments I was able to improve processes and introduce innovative ideas and solutions to the work floor. 3D CAD always has been a great tool for this and for the last 20 years I kept my skills up to date.


The combination of my past experiences gave me enough confidence to start FM Design and Engineering. The place to realize ideas, inventions and giving me the opportunity to work on my 'Big Plan'.

Past jobs &  assignments