FM Design & Engineering offers a wide range of services. Contact us if you would like to explore how 3D technology can revolutionize your products and make your work processes more (cost)efficient. 

3D Design

3D printing is the future. 

Development goes on in a rapid pace. Especially direct metal printing offers endless possibilities and full functional products. 

To translate ideas to physical objects we need to start with a 3D design adapted to this special way of manufacturing. Let me assist your company to fully benefit from this technology.

Special tools

FM Design & Engineering has experience with custom-made tooling. I can advise your company on the design and guide the production of tooling. Benefit form the flexibility of 3D printing or combine with traditional ways of manufacturing.

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Using my experience gained in the packaging industry I can support your company with packaging visualizations and unique packaging designs. I'm specialized in corrugated cardboard and have the availability of a network of cardboard manufacturers.